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Hie. My name is lil' Tatty. I'm a very little bear. Dat is why I'm called the lil' Tatty.

Sometimes I like to complain and talk about stuffs which I felt dat particular day.

But most of the time, I am a happy bear and I like to stay happy! Hehehe..

Thanks to my master, I am able to come to Scotland and see the world a lil'. This is to open my small eyes and small mind. =)

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Tuesday, September 13, 2005
Chill Day!

Hmm.. how should I start? Study break has officially kicked off.. and that means, it's time to study, study and study..Before starting my studies.. of course we have to chill to cheer ourselves on and give ourselves some semangat to start the 'oomph' of studying. So I went out on fri to meet my church fren together with xiao vin and the rest.. hehe. Things kinda kicked off when I introduced lengluis to our dear Samuel... Muahahaha. Well anyways, the hang out turned out to be fun and we kinda obtained our objective.. dat is to chill and keep a day rest from all the tests, assignments, projects, exams, bla bla bla..etc.. We watched the movie, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Have been hearing about the book for ages now.. but didnt manage to get hold of dat book by Roald Dahl and actually reading it. Hahaha. It reminded me of an ex classmate who used to love reading his book..haha.. I don't think I have any recollection of reading any of his books. Muahaha. Anyways, I'm diverting over here.. Back to the story of me watching the movie.. It is a good movie. It's really nice. If you've got a chance.. you should actually watch it or read the book. Hehe. It's really nice lah.. the story. =)

Before the movies.. we were walking around aimlessly dunno what to do.. heh heh.. so we tried wandering into Jacky Chan's gym centre on the top floor... just to check out what's so nice in there.. Fuiyoh, he's really rich man. Haha, I was expecting those promoters standing at the entrance to stop us from going in..hehe. To our surprise, they didn't stop us at all. So, we started our self tour around his gym. Walked around aimlessly..hahaha.. basically was wandering around the whole gym. The gym was fantastically built. There's a jacuzzi outside and with a swimming pool. How cool is dat in the building of Mid Valley? Hahaha.. Checked out loads of cool workout equiptments. Super cool! Must have costed a bomb to get the centre running anyway. I guess it also shure cost a bomb to get yourself registered there with a personal trainer. Fuiyoh. After checking out the gym, hehe.. maa walk around Mid Valley to kill time before the show starts. After the show, we had dinner at Sushi King. Ohh yeah, I heard from my college fren whom I met up with on Sat said Sushi King is having promotion.. as in those sushi on the belt will all be RM2 from 12 - 15 Sept. Haha.. To all sushi lovers..this is your time man! =) Damn! I don't think I'll be able to go for such a good offer.. It's fated. Have to study, study and study. Anyways, after dinner, we walked around Mid Valley and checked out some stores.. konon shopping lah.. but got no sale leh. So, we just did window shopping lo.. =) We walked till the shops were closed and we went to mamak at Sri Petaling. I didnt eat anything.. or rather none of us ate anything because we were just too full! Haha..So we just had drinks and hopefully the mamak man dun get angry with us..muahahaha.. obstructing his business. =P Anyways, at the end of the day.. I think this is a pretty good chill-out time we had together! Muahahaha.. cos I think Chia Mein and Samuel hit it off the moment they met..like they knew each other very long time ago.. Hahahaha.. =) Which is a great thing! I thought things were going to be 'kekok'...muahahaha..

Ohh ohh.. I went out on sat too to Mid Valley (yes.. again!) to meet up with my ol' college mate.. to catch up.. and we managed to watch Lords of Dogtown together. Muahahha.. I must say.. what a show, man.. what a show.. It shows much about American culture..Overall, it's not too bad the show.. I heard it's a real story.. Hehehe.. Basically, American culture in dat show.. hard to accept lah, although my mum complained my sis and I show too much interest in Western culture.. but hmm... I don't think I would do such things.. running here and there to buat hal, wrecking things and spoiling other ppl's possesions...muahaha.. Some things could be learned.. some things you can't. Hehehe.. Decision making. Bah.

Tatty Teddy posted at 13.9.05 | 2 comments


Sunday, September 04, 2005
I'm back!

Okay.. so I wasn't around for quite some time to update this blog. Heh.. been busy mugging for tests and completing my assignments. What a life eh? Gee.. I'm not complaining.. hahaha.. just some short whinings.. so here are some short updates what has been happening lately..

Let me start with my dispensing test.. if you haven't already know.. this stupid test is damn hard lah.. a little mistake can end you up getting zeros.. and I wouldn't wanna dwell on how many zeros I had.. Ugh.. To think that this is the first dispensing test for us all.. Damn.. it's just ridiculous.. Alright alright.. blame me for not paying attention to details.. It's not dat I didn't study.. I did studied for this test.. hahaha.. err.. maybe not study la.. cos there's nothing to study actually.. it all depends on your ability and state of mind at that time.. Arrghhh..Wouldn't wanna talk about it anymore..

Besides this test, we had our biopharm test. I'm not shure how well have I done in this test.. but I wouldnt wanna hope to high lah. Hahahah.. the questions asked are so darn tricky.. So even if I know the answers to the questions.. I end up getting tricked by the question because of the twisty language they use. So.. I also know I made a few silly mistakes whereby I know the answers..but just lacking something.. Like duh! I have a duh-brain if you haven't already noticed. Bah!

Finally I've handed in my Ethics essay.. Well, wouldn't say it's fantastically written.. hahaha.. meaning it's quite bad. I couldn't understand what the question wants and no one could give me the exact context to write.. so wth.. just go along with the flow. Hahaha.. writing about professionalism is I think, a bit crappy.. Professionalism is what's inside you.. nobody can make you do the things you don't wanna do.. or no one could make you be somebody that you're not...So if you're being ethical or not..it's what you are inside...

Darn.. so to speak.. I still have another essay to go. Some editing to do.. which could be quite a chore really.. not to say the referencing part.. It's shure to kill! Whatever it is.. I'm shure this essay is sooo gonna be history.. hahahha.. I'm not doing it no more.. Ohh ohh yeah.. hahaha.. of course not bothering about the content and everything.. Gee..

Enough of studies.. Talking about studies is such a bore right? Hahhaa.. yeah.. Let's talk about movies! Nyehehehhe.. I watched Herbie and the Red Eye recently.. Last week it was Herbie and the Red Eye just yesterday.. Hmm.. Herbie is quite nice.. although it's like quite a kiddish show.. hahahha.. but who cares lah.. I enjoy watching kiddish shows.. Muahahahaha.. The show's kinda cute.. the car.. is the Volkswagen bug.. After watching the show, all the more I like the car.. Hahaha.. I already like the cute car before this.. Anyways, also watched the Red Eye and it's a pretty trilling show. I didn't know the show ended that fast because time passed by so quickly while I was watching it.. so you can gauge how nice the show is.. Muahahhaha... Although the storyline is quite simple.. the show is pretty captivating, keeps ur eyes glue to the screen and you won't even know the show has come to an end.. =) After the show, we went to the Chilli's to have our dinner.. Boy, dinner was really filling and after learning and studying for biopharm, it is indeed true that high caloric food and high protein food delays gastric emptying.. Muahahha.. for the first time I noticed this point and my stomach still feels full and distended even after reaching back to the apartment several hours later!

Aahhh yeah.. I missed Malaysian Idol this week because I was outside. So I didn't get to see them perform on stage. Gee, hopefully Farah wouldn't be going out anytime soon. So -----> VOTE FARAH!!! I wouldn't wanna know if Faizull or Ash taking the Malaysian Idol title.. Dat'll be like a nightmare man.. totally... Ew, I wouldn't even dare to think about it. It's something... imposibble.. I wouldn't take back my words for Ash.. I still reckon he can't sing for nuts.. so it's a big no no for him to become the next Malaysian Idol.. The thought of him representing the country to take part in some contests such as Asian Idol or World Idol for dat matter.. is just eww, eww, eww... He wouldn't make it. Muahahahhaha.. I'm cynical.. say whatever you want.. =P

Heh, I haven't updated you all about the Kid's rally I was talking about the last blog. I went to the Kid's Rally with Xiao Vin and Suet Chin, and all the sunday skool kids were there to participate this interesting, fun interactive rally for the kids. Hehe, I, too enjoyed the dance moves, the songs and the creative ideas in getting the kids involved enthusiastically in sunday skool singing. Hehehe. Xiao Vin and I were like trying to follow all the dance moves.. which is..ya know.. great fun! Although I think I look like a duck dancing there.. Kekekekeke..Nonetheless, I saw all the kids enjoying themselves and getting themselves excited over Jesus. =)

And oh yeah.. Yinting, Lee May and Siawvun went to some chinese award show lah.. I didn't go partly because I'm not really interested in star gazing and chinese stars for dat matter.. and plus.. I don't really wanna waste the RM90. My major reason? Hahaha.. I dislike getting myself sandwiched between people, getting myself 'molested' for nothing and getting to enjoy people's body odour. I might just die there.. cos all the skunks will be releasing their 'perfume'. Muahahahahha.. So I had dinner with Chiamein, Yee Sian and Hooifen at Happy Cook lo.. while walking, we saw a long string of cars making their way to the stadium.. What a big event huh? Hehehe.. Ohh yeah.. before walking to Happy Cook, saw and chatted a while with Elyne, Ailian and Tze Yan.. they were getting themselves ready for the red carpet event. Haha, wonder if they got any nice standing place to see the stars since they only started moving there at nearly 7pm.. whereas Yinting they all have been there like 3pm? Hahaha..

Ohhh yeah.. study break will be starting soon in another week's time. Obviously I wouldn't be heading back home because.. you also know lah.. I cannot concentrate and study at home. I'll be ending up procrastinating and doing all the unnecessary stuffs at home.. Hahahaha.. and to think I've already screwed enough for this sem.. So, conclusion, be a good girl and study in KL.. Gee. (which I doubt.. cos I'll be wasting time as usual doing nothing during the 1st week of study break.. =) ) Only till the second week of study will I start to panic a little and get my big butt glued to the chair. Sigh.. what a sucky life during exam period. Freaking out and more freaking out to do. Darn.

Oopps.. this is a pretty long entry I have over here... so.. Happie Reading!! =)

Tatty Teddy posted at 4.9.05 | 0 comments



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