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Hie. My name is lil' Tatty. I'm a very little bear. Dat is why I'm called the lil' Tatty.

Sometimes I like to complain and talk about stuffs which I felt dat particular day.

But most of the time, I am a happy bear and I like to stay happy! Hehehe..

Thanks to my master, I am able to come to Scotland and see the world a lil'. This is to open my small eyes and small mind. =)

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Saturday, October 29, 2005
Some Loser I am, eh?

Yea yea yea.. Apparently I've been labelled as 'b-o-r-i-n-g' by one of my friends because I didnt go out on my weekends... Hahaha.. Well, to be honest, I never liked going out during the weekends.. I'm not shure why..it's just me. I like to keep my weekends free.. Perhaps it's because dat's the only 2 days my dad is in with us? Cos during the weekdays he would be working til late evening.. So I guess I want to leave some time for my family.. Anyway, I'm a well-known couch-potato, slob and introvert.. so you might have guessed it's quite hard to get my ass out of the house... unless the person I've date with is important.. Hahaha.. Okay okay.. I'm bullshitting here.. Of course all my friends are important.. So are you who's reading my blog. Hahaha. Anyways, been staying much at home nowadays except for some shoppings I've done with my few friends and my mum and of course.. my sis.. Bought quite a number of things too..I think I'll be broke in no time... Well, I've not gotten ready most of my stuffs for my further studies abroad.. Okay, make dat I've not gotten ready at all.. I've not even had my passport.. Talk about leaving the country.. Ugh.. contradicting eh? No winter clothings also. Perhaps I'll just perish there with shivers and chills during winter.. Heheh.. Okay okaty.. I'm exaggerating a little too much here.. Heheheee.. Anyway, I should really be getting a few some time soon. Since now is the Fall/Winter Season eh? It'll be easier in searching for such attire, ay? Ohh yeah, there's one more thing I wish to learn and master this hols.. But I guess it's kinda impossible since the time is so short.. Hehe.. My greatest fear.. Driving.. Aaaaaaahhh.. Man, I really want to drive dat car.. But.. Hahaa.. somehow deep inside me there's this fear.. Ya know.. I can't really estimate well how wide the car and whether it could pass a particular road... Ugh.. Anyone got some tips to share how to go about dat? Been thinking about this lately.. Hate to sit those public buses which are all dirty and smelly.. Can't they take some examples from the S'pore government to clean dat damn bus? You must really see their buses, all well-kept and clean. Is dat so hard to do? All they know is being corrupted and keep the stupid money intended for cleaning up the buses right into their own pockets.. How annoying!

Okay, another reason to add to my list for not getting out of the house lately.. besides me being a couch-potato and the transport part.. is dat well, most of my friends are either working or overseas.. So..I'm left with a few friends to hang out with.. Maybe I should make a trip down to S'pore to do some shoppings? Yes? No? Hehehe.. I'm tempted to.. =P

Tatty Teddy posted at 29.10.05 | 0 comments


Guess what?! The results are out! I received my uni's email and it stated I have passed my semester 4! Oh dear... Before 3pm I was really hoping that time would quickly pass so that I would know my results soon.. I could tell you dat waiting is no fun. I've never liked waiting.. esp. in conditions like this. Ugh. Anyway, I was nearly succumbed to a heart attack before the email came. I kept rechecking the netmail for my results as they have promised they would send there.. but to my surprise.. there wasn't any news about it thru there. Suddenly, my Yahoo Messenger notified me there was an email from my uni. My heart raced. I quickly clicked on the mail and it came on saying I've passed my sem 4!! Aaaaaaaaaahhh.. I'm so happy!! Hahahahahah.. Finally I've got the mood to go shopping with my mum. She was asking me to go shopping with her but I didnt had the mood to before that.. Heh heh..

Alright alright, I was still a lil' on the relieved side.. but my results have not exactly reached my home yet. So I dunno the details. I'm so afraid they would send the email to me in an error.. then I'll be dead. I need to see it black and white in front of me then I'll be able to feel relieved completely.. I was still in a disbelief- state-kinda-thing...

As I was sleeping this morning.. My phone suddenly rang and I was battling with myself if I should take the call.. Cause I don't normally take calls when I'm sleeping. But I took it anyway.. Somehow hoping it's the courier service centre. Yeah, to my surprise, it is!!! Muahahaha.. Well, everyone who bought the service wouldn't expect the results to reach by today. Maybe Monday or so? Muahahaha.. no no.. it's today! I really need to confirm if I had passed.. I couldnt sleep anymore after the call.. So I went down to the hall and waited for it to come. My mum was surprised why I woke up so early.. It's just nearly 10 and I'm awake.. Hehehe.. Normally I would wake up at nearly 1pm.. Muahahahah..So she's kinda surprised why.. and I told her my
results are coming.. Arrrghhh.. I waited for nearly 2 hours for dat? Yeah... Told you I hated waiting for something.. and in anticipation kinda thing.. Aaaaaaahhh... Anyway, finally it came and I signed the stuff and quickly ripped open my results... Aaaaaaaaahhhh.. Whut a relief.. I passed! Nyeheheh.. now I can sleep and play in peace...

To all my friends who have kept me in their prayers and also supporting me all the way, I really want to thank you.. I also think with God's help and grace, He has put me through these exams and I really wanna thank Him... Woohoo!!! =D

Tatty Teddy posted at 29.10.05 | 2 comments


Thursday, October 20, 2005

Ohhh my goodness!! I'm sooooooooooooo damn freaked out now!!! The results were supposed to be released on the 17th of October.. but look at the date now.. it's already 20th when i write this!! Goodness! And guess what? They have actually postponed it to 19th.. but they needed more time to review the marks and I heard remark the papers.. Cos it's like too bad of a result already!! Ohh dear.. what's up man? Are we really dat bad? I'm sooo freaked out.. Just let me pass the exams okay? I don't want to face another nightmare of mugging for exams again.. so terrifying ya know.. Ugh.. And guess what?! They have postponed it til next tues again!! Cos they said the papers are not back from Scotland yet.. Geee... I can tell you dat anticipating for the results can eventually kill you.. wanna know why? Cause you kept getting these heart attacks and pangs the day before the results and you wanna know how you did.. and all.. and some didnt even get to sleep properly the day before the release.. It's just too much to bear man.. Ohhh gosh.. I'm just sooooooo scared now.. Since the dean said it's the worst IMU results in history.. Geee.. I have absolutely lost all my confidence already... I just really hope I can pass.. and hopefully after remarking.. it does help us in the marks.. Ish.. if they release it next tues.. then when will be the resit?? Gosh gosh.. then wont we have less time to mug already if I shud fail?? Aaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrghhhhhhhhhhhh.. Anticipating the results is ahure killing!!!! Somebody... calm me down!!!!!!! Results, results, results............. it's driving me crazy!!!! I wanna passssssssss...............

Tatty Teddy posted at 20.10.05 | 1 comments


Monday, October 17, 2005

You know what? I guess I've just realised something today...or mebbe yesterday also.. (hehe) dat I've not been doing my part of keeping in touch with some of my buddies too. Although they have been confessing that they are not doing their part...well, I guess I am too.. I'm just too preoccupied in my little world that I forgot everyone else..

Sometimes when some new things get into your life, everything else dims and sometimes you'll fail to see that old stuffs and routines are too, important in one's life. It is where you're grounded.. your beliefs, things dat you hold on to dearly, people that are important to you and friends who were there for you once.. you'll tend to forget when you're engaged in new, fun and exciting activities... and what more.. new friends! =) I'm soooo guilty of it too. Damn, I'm just soooo into myself these days and I better snap out of it fast. Muahahaha.. I would not wanna lose all the ones I love and adore.. and friends that had carried me through..

Tatty Teddy posted at 17.10.05 | 2 comments


Thursday, October 13, 2005

Hehe... Went to the mall and watched Four Brothers with Ailian and her cousin, Ah Wei (dat's what people call him according to her.. =) ). Ouuuu boy, the show was nice.. Hehe. If you've got the chance, mebbe you shud catch it too.. The good side of this show? ---> The show is quite touching... It also shows the spirit of unison, family ties, friendship and brotherhood among different races.. The bad values of mankind that were shown through this movie were about people taking revenge, corruption, bribery and violence... The show at first could be quite uninteresting.. but towards the later part, it became pretty exciting. Hehehe..

Ohh yeah, before the show we had lunch at a cafe.. I ordered a spaggetti but somehow for dunno what reason the waitress questioned me about my order. She emphasized that it's a kid's meal. Haha. 'Yeah', I replied. And I looked at her laughing.. and I looked back at Ailian and Ah Wei.. and we started laughing. Hahaha. The reason I wanted to take the Kid's meal is because I had something to eat before I left the house..So I wasn't dat hungry, you see.. Muahahaha.. So we kinda chatted before going for the movie la..

After the movie, Ailian and Ah Wei waited for their 2nd show. Hehe. I think they are more movie freak than me ler.. Hehehe.. =D I bade goodbye because I had to catch my mum for a ride home at another mall. =) But before meeting my mum, I did some shopping. Hehe. I bought what I was suppose to buy and also I bought a new pair of sandals. Hehe. Quite nice la.. =)
When I reached home, I felt kinda tired probably because I didnt have enough sleep the night before. Was hanging online till wee hours in the morning and one of my chatting partners ----> Ser Yin Ting. Muahahaha. She's really hebat la.. Dunno online from what time to the time I wanna offline. Hahaha. Anyways, I'm not shure why.. Prolly I've caught the disease.. the staying home disease. Hehe. I'm not shure why, but I don't feel like going out to hang out and chill out anymore. I'm like super lazy and I don't have the mood to get my @$$ out of the house. Hehe. I'm a piggy and I'm lazy. Hahaha. I think Yinting feels the same way too. =D

Tatty Teddy posted at 13.10.05 | 1 comments


Wednesday, October 12, 2005
Interesting Stuffs... =)

Time to update this blog with some pictures ade.. Hahha.. It's been a while since my blog has been without pics. Remember I said I was out of the house shopping the other day and I bought some stuffs? Yeap.. One of the stuffs dat I bought was a toothbrush holder! Hehe. Cool eh? You'll never thought of it as a toothbrush holder. My mum was worse. She was asking why did I buy a toy back and for who? Muahahaha.. It's not a toy lah.. It's for you to hold things.. =) Stupid toothbrush holder is not cheap you know.. It's nearly 20 bucks for this! Hehe.. but it's kinda unique.. so, I bought it.. ( I thought we might need it.. =D ) It can actually hold 2 toothbrushes. Here's a picture of it..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

- Toothbrush holder -

Hahaha.. besides dat, when I reached home, the moment I saw on the piano top was this piggy bank pig done by my brother for his art class! It was a group work and according to my mum, she did all the art work for him.. although it's a group work.. Muahahaha.. Actually, it does look like my lil' bro.. I mean the pig.. Muahahahha.. He's born in the year of the pig.. So... You know laaaa... Lil' piggy. He's the pic of his ( my mum's) artwork:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

- Front View -

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

- Side View 1 -

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

- Side View 2 -

Ohh yeah, had some captions on some cute stuffs around the house.. Hehe.. Nothing to do.. so took some pics..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

- My Pooh Bear Keychain in a Bee Suit (front view) -

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

- My Pooh Bear Keychain in a Bee Suit (back view) -

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

- My Sis' Doggie (front view) -

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

- My Sis' Doggie (back view) -

Yesterday was my sis' birthday! So we had our little celebration. Haha. She had her 2 frens over and one of her frens stayed overnight with us. So here are some pics abt my sis' birthday.. her pressies and everything.. =D

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

- My Sis' 17th Birthday Gift By Us All -

Compared with my phone.. Muahahahah.. a bit lan laa my phone.. (ohh okay okay.. not a bit lan... it's super lan!!!) Hahahaha.. But not to worry.. I'll get my phone soon.. Nyeheheheh.. =D

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

- My Phone -

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

- My Sis Blowing Her 17th Birthday Candles 1 -

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

- My Sis Blowing Her 17th Birthday Candles 2 -

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

- My Sis Blowing Her 17th Birthday Candles 3 -

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

- Frens' Gifts -

Okay, so her frens were over for the night.. so we had some chatting in the room and everything.. then my sis went to her house and sent her back.. these pics shown is abt her pet-dog named Friday. Hehehe.. As you know, I'm also terrified of dogs.. licking me all over and worse.. those which will chase after you and bite you off.. *chew* *chew*... Ugh. Anyways, here are the pics.. hehe.. it's a 'she'... =)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

- Friday 1( Friday Having Her Bath! ) -

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

- Friday 2 ( Friday's All Wet! ) -

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

- Friday 3 ( Rubbing her body against the gate after her bath)-----> Bad Habit... =D ) -

Alright.. hehe.. Dat's all I have to share for today! Hope you did enjoy the pics posted! Hehehe.. (For a change, less words and more pics... ) =D

Tatty Teddy posted at 12.10.05 | 2 comments


Saturday, October 08, 2005

Ohhh yeah man.. Today met up with some friends in the 'ooh-so-famous' mall in JB.. Haha.. Watched a movie by Kate Hudson.. 'The Skeleton Key'. Heh, it's not bad lah.. but then I don't think I quite like the ending.. Kinda crappy lah.. and then it ended like it'll come out 'The Skeleton Key 2' or something... muahhahaha.. Anyways, I've always liked Kate Hudson.. She's pretty and sweet kinda look.. Haha. And recently I think she got a bit fatter ade.. =P I think it's because she just gave birth before acting in this show. Hehe. I read in the papers that she was working out before this movie.. I mean she has to get to a certain size within like 1-2 months or something? I think she's really hebat lah.. She said she lost 32kgs! Hello? How could this be?? 32 pounds then I'll believe.. But this.. 32 kgs? Whoa.. Imagine how heavy she is after she gave birth? Hehe. Paiseh, like I'm any thinner... I think I'm getting fatter and I should do aomething about it. Anyways, she's still the pretty and sweet Kate Hudson. =) One thing about her.. she smokes ler.. which I can't accept laa.. -_-'" Haha.. but it's her life anyway.. haha..
Ohh before the show, I had fish and chips and my friends had other meals for lunch.. =P After the show, we walked around shopping.. Hehe. Walked around aimlessly and my friends had to buy presents also. :P So at least got something to have in mind to do. =) In the end they found what they want and we continue to shop on.. Hehe. Saw interesting stuffs today.. But somehow got no $$ to buy lor.. =DAfter all the shopping.. I can tell you my legs... no wait.. my feet wanna detach from my legs already. Hehe. Dunno why.. must be all the sitting around for too long liao lah. So we boarded on the bus to head home.. But I've got to stop at another mall to wait for my sis to finish her tuition and later my dad would be coming to pick us up.. Hehe.. In the meantime, wanted to find a new pair of no-heels shoes.. But of all the ones I choose.. it has to have to size!! Argh. Really got on my nerves lah.. So in the end, I didnt buy any shoes.Anyways, other than dat.. bought some other stuffs also laa.. Came back and found myself to be tired. But still okay la.. 'Cos I get to eat my mum's curry chicken today.. LOL.. =D

Tatty Teddy posted at 8.10.05 | 1 comments


Had done some thinking today although I went out with my friends to meet up.. Did some thinking while I was in the bus.. Then came back and watched 'Fear Factor' with the Best Friends challenge.. Haha. Saw how best friends worked together.. =D Friendship. What is friendship all about? No doubt it's important and the essence in one's life to carry you thru and to count on when there are troubles.. I'm not very shure how many of my friends would actually stand by me whenever I am faced with big big problems.. I think each and everyone would actually be thankful enough to have one or two friends stand by them and weather all kinds of trouble.. I actually think no matter what friendship.. at the end of the day.. you will be with your family because they are who you're closest with.. their the ones who you're gonna live close by and visit from time to time.. You will be with your family for life.. and true enough friends do come and go.. I dunno how many of my friends would still be with me 10 years down the road.. provided we always meet up, keep in touch, or stay near each other.. Next time, we would have our own lives to lead then... and priorities change.. But I can be shure my family will still be with me 10 years down the road.. Hehe.. Definitely I would still be hopeful that all my friends would be by my side 10 years down the road or something like dat.. ya know.. Friends for life kinda thing no matter where you are.. no matter how far you are from each other.. you will have a shoulder to lean on.. you will have someone to talk it out.. ya know? Gee..

Tatty Teddy posted at 8.10.05 | 0 comments


Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Hehehe.. To all who have just arrived to my all new layed-out page.. How's it? Heh, hope you ppl like the new layout! There are still construction going here and there for this page..so do hang around for more changes and updates! I just wanna thank leemay for helping me out with the new blog skin.. hehe.. Couldn't have done it without her.. as you know.. my computer skills also got 'sendirian berhad' de.. Muahahaha.. Hope you all find the lion of this page cute. =D

Oohh ohhh.. I've also included some 'golden moment' photos for viewers to enjoy.. Muahahaha.. though it's a lil' small.. but still is recognisable who's who. You get what I mean... =P (*whispers* ---> esp. yinting's! =D )

Oouuuh ouuuhhh.. One more thing.. I just wanna announce that my hols have officially started and my next sem would be starting on the 14th November.. If everything turns out fine.. (ya know.. the exam results and everything.. *heheheheeee* ) Since hols have just started.. haven't been doing much things except for sleeping, reading mags, chatting with family, online-ing, eating alot, lazing around and watching movies.. hahaha.. abit unproductive hor.. =) Hols maaa.. scared if the next sem comes.. I won't be able to enjoy like this again.. Muahahahha... =P

Tatty Teddy posted at 5.10.05 | 1 comments


Monday, October 03, 2005
Exams' Over Baby!! =)

Awww man.. It's time for updates.. I know I've been lagging really bad in my blogging these days. Hmmm.. where should I start? Err.. okay.. Let me announce dat my final exams are finally over and it's holidays! Woohoo! I'm sooo sooo happy dat I've survived through dat horrible week of exams. It's getting more and more unbearable you see.. and I've still got like 4 more sems to go. Ugh. And plus I don't even know if I have to go for a re-sit. (choy choy choy!!!) Anyways, exams are history for now. Holidays are here.. woohoo! Let me see what I'm gonna do.. Ohh dat day after exams.. we went out for a movie called 'The Myth' by Jackie Chan. Pretty hilarious.. pretty lame and pretty illogical. Dunno whether I've enjoyed the show or not. Sometimes I feel it's stupid.. but sometimes.. I think it's worth quite a laugh. Muahahahaha.. Ohh yeah, the day after exams.. I was sooo dead tired and I wasn't in the mood for anything else. I've got a terrible headache and I really reallly need my beauty sleep right after the exams.. So after the movies.. I headed straight unto my bed.. suddenly the bed is soooooo inviting.. oops.. make dat 'the bed is ALWAYS inviting...' Muahahahhaha.. Anyways, I thought I can make it for the mamak session with Yinting, but I guess sleep is more important cos I've got a headache. Hahaha. I couldn't really sleep also lar.. because of the double dose of coffee I had.. and you can imagine lah.. you can't sleep and you've got a banging headache.. how cool is dat? Not cool at all.. Haha.On fri, I didnt go anywhere.. I just slept the whole day.. and this day is allocated for cleaning up the rooms and hall. Muahhaa... suddenly become auntie.. We kinda ate steamboat at night @ Sri Petaling... eat from dunno what time till 11:30pm like dat. Hahaha.. So.. cleaned up the room and the apartment till nearly 4am.. I know it's insane.. but what to do.. somemore the next day must wake up @ 9:00am to go to Mid Valley as instructed by Yinting. Muahahahhaha..The next day? Went to where else but Mid Valley...Reached there at about nearly 10am and queued for the movie tickets.. hardly anyone was around.. (which was what yinting wanted!) Hahaha.. and guess what.. we settled for Mc Donald's breakfast just to satisfy Yinting.. since she was pestering to have dat Mc Donalds breakfast since like dunno when... Ugh.. but maner tahu on dat day can get to eat.. she doesn't want to eat it.. really reeally 'chok dui'!!! Yiiiieeeerrrr.... Anyways, we watched the movie 'Flightplan' which I think it's pretty good.. Hehe. It gets your brain thinking and contradicting urselves sometimes while watching the movie. Kekke.. and I haven't whine about watching movies on sat for RM 11.. walao.. dat's expensive man.. it's just movie.. why jack up the price? Ish.. Oh yeah.. we had dinner at some Italian restaurant.. and I think the food there was just okay lah.. and Yinting was complaining that the pasta she ordered was not up to her standard. :P Apparently, I tasted her pasta.. it tasted 'hangus'... LOL.. it was a lil bitter plus the 'hangus' smell... LOL man.. =D Later we had to rush back to watch the Disney opening in Hongkong.. they watched it..but I didnt lah.. I went into my room for a nap.. I can't stand it anymore since I slept so late the night before and having to get up early the next morning.. :P Woke up to watch the OC 2.. maner tahu.. the stupid 8tv shifted the show to friday already. I've only got to know when I came back and my sis told me about it. Sigh... Malaysian channels....... super unreliable.. Ohh yeah, then later towards the night.. Yinting suddenly got into the mood of burning cds. Gosh.. and she had to choose 'the best of the best' (according to her) on the cds. Actually she wanted to burn 2 cds and she ended up choosing til 5 cds. Gosh..hahaha.. and you don't wanna know til what time she burnt until.. till nearly 5am baru we can get to sleep.. Sigh.. hahahaha.. and dat time I havent done my laundry plus some packing to leave the next day. She is dat desperate to burn those cds.. so she volunteered to do the laundry for me... muahahahaha.. how encouraging. :/

Tatty Teddy posted at 3.10.05 | 1 comments



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