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Name: Tatty
Age: 2 Years Old

About me:

Hie. My name is lil' Tatty. I'm a very little bear. Dat is why I'm called the lil' Tatty.

Sometimes I like to complain and talk about stuffs which I felt dat particular day.

But most of the time, I am a happy bear and I like to stay happy! Hehehe..

Thanks to my master, I am able to come to Scotland and see the world a lil'. This is to open my small eyes and small mind. =)

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Tuesday, October 24, 2006
The Result Sheet for 'Wanna Play?'

Hahahahaha.. just in case you're wondering wad is it.. it's the word game you try and describe others lah.. kekeke.. Anyways, this is the results page if you still wanna navigate to the page after you've done the game..


These few days had been trying hard to focus on my research project. Hahaha.. and trying to catch up on my studies you see.. Better not leave everything til the last minute because I'll freak out at the end of the day dat's for shure.. hahahhaa.. so better start things early lah.

Ouuuu.. I've just got my mp3 player yesterday. After working like prolly 4-5 times now.. I could very well afford one.. hehehehe.. I'm gonna work somemore! Wakakaka.. just to pay for my trip and some miscellaneous stuffs la.. It's fun to work! Hahahahaha..

Alrighty! Dat's all.. have to go study ade.. cos I'll be working on saturday. Or else mum wont let me work.. cos I dont study.. Boooooooo.. Hehehhee.. So see ya ppl! =)

Tatty Teddy posted at 24.10.06 | 0 comments


Friday, October 20, 2006
Tagboard again!

Yeeeee.. this new tag-board cannot put cute cute smillies one.. =( So sad.

Hahhahhaa.. and you know wad? Guess wad I've found.. The most hilarious thing I've ever heard. Wahahaha.. the old tag-board url now says:

Hahahahhaa.. for indonesia staff only?Wad the heck is dat? Hahahhaa.. I guess the tagboard got bought over by indonesians or wad? Or rather.. the previous tagboard service got hacked or something.. Hahhaha.. This is so dumb. Hhahahaa..

Anyways, I've done some shopping today! Yay! Hahhaa.. The weather is getting colder and colder.. so I guess it's time to get somemore warm clothings. Sigh.. I miss summer.. I really do. The sky is always grey nowadays.. It either rains or the sky turns dark pretty quickly these days too! The sky's like 8pm.. but its only 6pm.. guess the day is getting shorter day by day.. and imagine that you wake up at 8.30am and you find that the sky is still a 7.30am sky.. Grrr.. you know wad a sleepyhead I am.. so normally these kind of weather.. or rather.. sky.. do make me feel sleepy. I guess winter's worse. Heard from my mentor.. it's gonna be as dark as 9pm when it's only 2pm in the afternoon! How depressing and.. aaaahhh.. sleepy.. *yawns*.

Hehehe.. talking about bedtime.. it's just about the right time to pop into bed! Hehehe.. See ya all rather soon then.. Tata and nitey nites!

Tatty Teddy posted at 20.10.06 | 0 comments


Thursday, October 19, 2006
Wanna play?

Hehehe.. in case you're wondering wad game is this.. it's a word game. Yes. Hahahhaa.. it's a word game concerning me.. All you have to do is to click on the URL below to lead you to the webbie and start clicking 6 words that best describes me. Hehehe.. Have fun!


Well, if you've got a johari of your own.. do let me know kays? I'll go do also. Hehehe.. Anyways, I've got this from a friend.. and if you're kinda curious how ppl view you.. it's the best game to play. Hehhee..

Will let you know the results soon if you guys wanna know.. or better still.. do ade then know resutls.. wahahaha.. k la.. ciaoz. Time to do homework. =(

Tatty Teddy posted at 19.10.06 | 0 comments


Tuesday, October 17, 2006
Beware of rubbish throw-ers.

Grrrr.. Apparently there are ppl from the opposite building from our hostels are throwing stuffs at our window.. I'm not shure they are really aiming at us or is the law of gravity dat happens to land on our unit. Bah... Brainless and rude ppl they have here. Fancy throwing perhaps bottles towards the living room windows. And thanks to them.. it's cracked now. Damn.

Not to mention before, that someone actually threw a water balloon into our windows. Crap! Hahhaa.. but luckilly didnt kena any of us la.. or else shure got show see ade.. wahahahhaa.. Anyways, when we found the evidence, it was already broken wid balloon and water residues on the kitchen floor. How well mannered is dat? Ouuh Ouhh.. and not forgetting to mention dat they labelled themselves as the 'Most well-mannered ppl in the world'. Bullshit. I wonder why the world label angmoh countries as well mannered. Actually infact if you come see for yourself.. they are no better than those being labelled as ill-mannered. They say chinese is famous for spitting everywhere.. Hahahaha.. dat's the biggest joke of the century.. I admit chinese ahpeks like to spit everywhere.. but.. dont be surprised dat ppl here do spit everywhere too. On my way outside.. you can spot some spit on the ground.. which is ultimately disgusting. And it is also known dat they throw rubbish everywhere.. including their alcohol bottles, their piss and food wrappers. Sigh..

Anyways.. tough luck again to have such uncouth opposite neighbours. Sigh.

Tatty Teddy posted at 17.10.06 | 0 comments


Grrr.. I don't think the stupid tagboard is coming back again. I'm so freaking lazy to change it.. Hhahaha.. Anyways, I'll get it done asap alright? Don't tell me dat www.tag-board.com has closed down... Well I think it has.. Geez.

Anyways, sorry for being absent for like so many days. Hhaaha.. Had been busy doing nonsense you see.. Procrastination is a strong word to describe my current syndrome.. Grrr.. I've yet to read the stupid journals for my research projects and it's darn freaking long.. 100 plus plus pages for a piece of journal.. Sigh.. Wad a tough luck. I've not even reached half of it yet.. Gonna step up on it tonight then..

Ohh.. did I tell you guys dat I've got a job? Hehehe.. Just a temp and flexible kinda job. Nothing permanent.. as mum will scold.. LOL.. I think she's pretty happy wid this current odd jobs dat I'm doin.. Hmm.. oh yeah, I'm doing some kind of stadium job dat sells foodstuffs.. like burgers, pies, coke, hotdogs bla bla bla.. I must say.. half time is the busiest time of all times. Hehe.. yeah.. stadium job catering food to football fans and ball watchers.. Ohh did I tell you my first time doing the job was for the event of the UEFA Qualifying Match between Scotland and France? Hhahahaa.. And amazingly Scotland won the match by 1-0. LOL.. major happening man.. I guess France is just 'lan'... Wahahahahaha.. (dare not say in 'Ying Wen').. Wakakakkaa..

I guess dat's all my updates.. still trying to wish for more time in a day so I can do things on my pace.. Ahahahhaa.. I guess I shouldnt do things too last minute.. it's not a good thing to do.. Hmm.. I guess I've gotta go cook now.. Talk to you guys soon alrights? Ciaoz.

Tatty Teddy posted at 17.10.06 | 0 comments


Tuesday, October 03, 2006
Shits Happen Sometimes!

Yeap.. shits do really happen.. perhaps even all the time! Okay, perhaps I'm sensitive... so you tell me about it. I've learnt to forgive AND forget and I've done everything in my power to salvage a relationship. I've made the efforts. No matter how you treat me, I'm gonna stay neutral. And for your information, nobody poisoned nobody's mind here...if you would like to correct wad you've said. Everyone has their own minds to think. And they were there for themselves to see and gauged wad happened. Well, I've learnt to let go and if you can't, I'm not shure on how to go about it anymore. I'm telling you.. I'm doing everything I can to save this relationship.

Alright, you wanna talk about it. Shure thing.. I'm here all ready to listen to wad you have to say.. No comments will be given, no nothing. Just listen. I'll be here to listen to you with all my ears and heart.. Pick any time or date.. I'll be here to listen. Do you know why the other time we were reluctant to listen? Because we were still angry and we do not wanna put unnecessary strain on this relationship and plus.. to avoid a judgemental mind.

It's amazing how you could do it. Sometime ago, after all has happened.. we all are happy with each other.. I thought we've all learnt to let go. I guess 'still water runs deep'. You're still holding a grudge. I cannot help you on dat. You have to help yourself. And for your information again, we're all neutral in this case. It was rage and anger the other time.. but after we have had our anger moments and all has subsided.. everything is fine now.. with us at least... Anyways, I think this shud be all I have to say.. if you wanna continue discriminating yourself.. I'm sorry I cannot help you on dat. You would have to learn to let go.

I should say.. no relationship can earn its credits without going thru its own ups and downs. You can say wadever you want.. but I'm all ready to forgive and forget. Nobody is judging nobody if you like to correct dat again. Looks like you are the one judging us this time.. and worse.. judging urself too.

I truly apologise in this case. I hope I had made it clear. This incident is out of my mind. I'm willing to forgive and forget.

Truly am Sorry.

Tatty Teddy posted at 3.10.06 | 0 comments


Monday, October 02, 2006
Permanent Resident in the new unit.

Shucks.. We're permanently placed in our new block which is in J5. Not to say dat the block here sucks.. but I still prefer being in E6 because it's way much cooler there. Bathroom is bigger, basin in the washroom is much bigger too.. and the room.. my room in this case.. the structure is better.. plus you'll have more privacy when you're cooking or in the kitchen and living room without ppl peeking in.. in J5 we wont be able to have all the privacy.. cos we're at the ground floor. Sucks eh? Anyways, E6.. with the gang above.. we can visit them anytime.. whereas here.. LOL.. i dont wanna even talk about it. I'm not shure who in the right mind would send porn magazine pages to each occupier in this block.. so free somemore.. they placed a page of the porn magazine into an envolope and seal it. Grrrr.. too much free time and money to waste.. not forgetting wasting the poor trees dat were being cut down by using those really nice official envelope. Some ppl just dont have the right mind.. And to us.. it was worse.. no envelope or wadsoever.. they straightaway stuck the stupid piece of paper on our main door. Yeap.. on our main door.. writing.. 'why hello there'.. and the next moment you see a naked man staring right into your face not forgetting to mention the *ahem* part.. The moment I saw it.. I was like.. LOOOOOOOL.. hhahahahahahaa.. this person must be sick man.. and leemay crushed the damn paper stuck to our door and threw it unto the ground outside. Some ppl just dont have the sense.. and the next minute we checked out at the pigeon holes where the letters are stored.. they gave each one of us an envelope containing the 'interesting' stuff.. Grrrrrr..

Anyways, back to my permanent residency stuff.. I'll be here for good.. for the next say.. 10 months? LOL.. i didnt go count.. just tikam.. yeah.. so I've gotta start unpacking my stuff and arrange it nicely in my room and clean up my new humble nest. I've spent the whole night cleaning and after cleaning it.. it feels good. Yeah.. it does.. I like cleanliness.. hahahaha.. but sometimes.. just cant keep up with the mess. Geez. Anyways.. dat's the story for you.. gotta run to eat my lunch now which is like 3:30pm already.... Hahahaha.. cos I just woke up.. LOL.. so.. see ya!

Tatty Teddy posted at 2.10.06 | 0 comments


Sunday, October 01, 2006

LOL.. hahahaa.. it seemed like almost everyone in my class is holding some kind of part time job and I am jobless. Hhahahaa.. Tried to find.. but to no avail. Hahahaha.. Hmm.. at least I tried and am not lazy.. Kkakakaa.. prolly I'm just too lazy to work.. and looks like the situation doesnt even allow me to go find work. Grrrr.. it rains everytime I want to go out to look for a job. Sucks eh? Anyways, mum says.. if cant find.. dun work lah.. dun go work dangerous work or those very dirty one job lah.. Hhahahaa.. aiyo.. I want side money leh.. So i told my mum about the job as a roadsweeper.. hahahah.. there's really this kind of job here.. which pays fairly well.. Hhahahaa.. well, I dont really mind being a roadsweeper as long as I get the money.. LOL.. and at the same time fulfilling my mum's wish as she always threatened us when we were small.. saying dat if we dun study hard we will be roadsweepers.. LOL.. well.. even we study now.. we can be roadsweepers anyways. Hhaahhahaa.. But I think she kinda discouraged me from being a roadsweeper.. Grrr.. wad's wrong wid being a roadsweeper anyway.. LOL..

Well, if anyone has any 'lobang' for any jobs.. not late at night one please.. hahaha.. can let me know lah.. I'll then see if suitable or not.. Kinda kek sei and dun feel like looking for a job anymore.. hahahaha.. it just sucks looking for one.. Grrrrr.. Contact me if got any 'hao jie sao..' kays?? Hahhahaa..

Cheers.. and right now.. still wanna stay jobless.. the feeling rocks! LOL..

Tatty Teddy posted at 1.10.06 | 0 comments



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