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Name: Tatty
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Hie. My name is lil' Tatty. I'm a very little bear. Dat is why I'm called the lil' Tatty.

Sometimes I like to complain and talk about stuffs which I felt dat particular day.

But most of the time, I am a happy bear and I like to stay happy! Hehehe..

Thanks to my master, I am able to come to Scotland and see the world a lil'. This is to open my small eyes and small mind. =)

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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Dear dear dear... it has been such a looooooooong time since I've written anything, hasnt it? I have so much to cerita man. Days have been moving superbly fast and there are plenty of things to do! I can barely cope with it. There is just too little time and too much to do! Gosh.. and I wasnt even talking about the visa application thingy yet.

Shucks.. I have so much to tell, I don't know where to start. Ohh.. okay.. Let me start when I was having the hospital attachment. Whoa, to tell you the truth, I don't kinda like it. Hahaha.. but imagining I am gonna do this for the rest of my life.. okay.. mebbe at least the next 4 years of my life in the hospital. Not dat I don't like the whole treating patient thingy.. it's just dat... sigh.. I'll be working soon and it's damn tiring. Everyday after the attachment, I would go back and nap. And to think I'm so young.. and I'm doing this. I should be young, energetic and full of drive. Well, I guess I have too many things to worry about lah. Ohhh.. I'm gonna work soon. Alamak... I dont wanna work yet. I dont wanna be old. Hahahaha.. Sounds like I'll never wanna grow up. I just want to be stuck at this age.. This is the best moment of anyone's life period. Heheheh.. Anyway, attachment was cool.. I'm neutral about it. Hehehe.. actually had quite a bit of fun also la. Got sembang wid some patients.. talk talk and gossip gossip.. Hahhaha.. sampat right?? Nothing to do ma.. maaa started talking la.. and I think the patients there were also quite bored. I feel bored for them too.. hahaha.. the whole day they do nothing but stare into space and rest. Sigh.. got some story..lazy to tell here la.. about one old woman.. hahahaha.. Man, I seriously hope she's not dead yet man.. We were gonna visit her one day on her bed.. to follow up, but she wasn't there anymore! It was an indian lady on her bed. Arrrghhh.. we were like surprised, where the hell is she? Man, she was so sick the day before and shurely she isn't discharged the following day. Gosh, we wouldnt wanna deduce any further and we bailed out of there. Hahahha..

Anyway, during the attachment days, we chilled out some of the days to the shopping malls.. chey wah.. like working already.. friday we go chill out and have a good meal. Hehe. Man, seriously, that few days I really felt I'm one of the working people. I can imangine myself working and ya know.. esp when you squeeze with all the working people early in the morning in taking the LRT. Hahahah.. You've gotta experience it urself to find out. =D

I shall move on to the next celaka story I wanna tell. The days of all the attachment wasnt smooth sailing. Damn, the Landlord has to come to give us a real headache. She's really a mean person. If you have any chance to be in contact with her, I advise you to stay as far away as possible from her. She will bring you the biggest problem you will ever have in your entire life about renting an apartment. Gosh.. I never knew there is such person alive. Seriously one of a kind. Scroll down to take a peek of how she looks like! Hahahahaha.. I managed to catch a few pics of her calculating. She's such a scrooge. Enjoy the pics man. haahhaahah.. Remember, do not.. i repeat DO NOT EVER RENT HER APARTMENT. Hahahha.. I'm not sabotaging her or anything la.. just dat, it's seriously not a good idea renting from this type of person. She locked my roomie in the apartment while I was in church on Sunday just because we were late paying April's rental just by a week. Is dat retarded or wad? Have you heard of anyone doing that? I've heard of landlord not chasing after the rental from their tenants even if they have not paid like 2 months? Moronness. Arrghh.. and she promised to give us back the utilities' deposit if there were any leftovers from the deduction of dat month's bill and when the day she was suppose to come and inspect the apartment, she took her words back. Really felt like strangling her there and then. Argued with her for quite some time together wid my dad and Leemay. I gave up arguing with her. No point arguing with a fat ass like her because she kept using the law to suppress us. Wadever la. The law from the contract wasn't on our side anyway. We could never win this stupid scheming woman. She somemore dare to say the contract is fair and square. If I've posted it here, you would have agreed with us it was NOT FAIR AT ALL. Gosh, talking about this just makes my blood boil. In addition to that, we did the grilling system to her windows and doors, instead of being appreciative, she bit us back with her words dat she has never intended on putting the grills for us. Serves us right that we wanna put it ourselves. She was like, 'I never forced you to put it'. Gosh, such words came out from dat woman's mouth. To think we spent RM 950 on the grilling and she cant even spare us off. To top it all, she ate our one month's rent. We had 2 months rental deposit in her hands. Luckilly we didnt pay april's one.. and she ended up locking us. Damn it la. So in the end she only managed to eat a month's deposit. which is RM 1100 okay. The utility deposit was RM 550 okay. Damn rich dat fella now.. cheating people's money.

Anyway, here's a few pics of her.. hahahaha.. Enjoy yeah? I hear she's a SPINSTER! According to my roomie, she asked her to call her MISS WONG TUCK MUI. MISS??? Muahahaha.. I burst out in laughter. All these while, our deductions where accurate. Only spinster will resort to such treatment to others. Sadistic bunch of fellas.

Take 1: FAR from her. Hahaha.. I'm afraid dat she'll find out about me taking her photos. hahaha.. She was too busy calculating to even notice me. Perhaps her mind is full of CHEAT CHEAT CHEAT!! YEEEEEHAAAAAAAAAA...

Image hosting by Photobucket

Take 2: A little nearer.. to get a better closed up pic.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Take 3: Another step further. Woohoo!! I'm getting good at this. Hahahahaha..

Image hosting by Photobucket

Take 4: Walao.. she still doesn't realise. Good thing, because I really want to keep a photo of her. Hahaha.. Another step nearer to her face. Woohoo! Onward!

Image hosting by Photobucket

Take 5: Okay dat's it! This is the nearest I would get.. or else my phone would have kissed her face already. And she still doesn't realise! Hahahaha... Hilarious!

Image hosting by Photobucket

Anyway, it's pretty easy to identify her. She's got this huge mole on her right arm near to her elbow. It's so huge and it's bothering me. Gosh. Hahaha.. if anyone wants a bigger zoom in of her can always tag me. hahaha.. Alright. Until next experience.. i'll leave this 'pretty woman' for you all to admire.


Tatty Teddy posted at 25.4.06 | 1 comments



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