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Name: Tatty
Age: 2 Years Old

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Hie. My name is lil' Tatty. I'm a very little bear. Dat is why I'm called the lil' Tatty.

Sometimes I like to complain and talk about stuffs which I felt dat particular day.

But most of the time, I am a happy bear and I like to stay happy! Hehehe..

Thanks to my master, I am able to come to Scotland and see the world a lil'. This is to open my small eyes and small mind. =)

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Friday, December 26, 2008
Christmas Isn't Christmas.

Greetings to all! Hope you guys have a very blessed Christmas! Here's a song that describes a lil' what Christmas is about.

Christmas isn't Christmas
'til it happens in your heart
Somewhere, deep inside you,
Is where Christmas really starts
So, give your heart to Jesus,
You'll discover when you do
That it's Christmas,
Really Christmas for you.

Jesus brings warmth like a winter fire,
A light like a candle's glow
He's waiting now to come inside,
Like He did so long ago
Jesus brings gifts of truth and life
And makes them bloom and grow
So welcome Him with a song of joy,
And when He comes you'll know

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008
I just feel like crying.

I'm so upset right now, I dont know what to do! I feel the lowest. I feel like banging my head against the wall and just die there. Trust me, this is just the feeling I'm going thru right now. It's so sucky I can't describe it in words. In case you were wondering what happened, obviously something big happened. It all happened when one of the pharmacist here is getting transferred out. Alright, you must be thinking, big deal right. The problem is, there's no one coming now to take over her place. And in this hosp, there's only left the 3 of us including me. And best of all, we're all chinese. Now, this coming sat and sun supposed to be this woman's turn doing the friggin' methadone who's transferring out. Gah. Now the other girl said dat it's either me or my colleague to do this sun. I've already taken 24th and 26th off for christmas and I wouldnt be around this weekend. I'm so sad right now I dont know what to do. Seriously.

And then, comes the trickier part. CNY. You can know, the situation already, there's only 3 chinese working here. Who's gonna work during CNY? And the eve which falls on the weekend? I feel damn sad right now. I just feel like crying out loud. I know crying doesnt solve anything, but it does make me feel better! I've only got a question: WHY? Why why why why why why?
Chinese working during CNY? WTF is this? Sorry for my crudeness. I'm so upset right now!

I'm so sad right now, I feel like dying. I just received a call from OPD. She said she has already counselled 4 pts today and she dont feel like counselling anymore. So she called me over to ask me to do. WTF is this lar? 4 pts only also cannot handle ah? I counselled like more than 10 in HSA last time also like this. Ppl these days just like to make use of ppl. ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGHHHHHHHHHH. Damn angry right now!

Tatty Teddy posted at 23.12.08 | 0 comments


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas is coming! Yippee! :D In a few more days, I'll get my well-deserved break. I havent took any day off yet ever since I completed my prp days. This weekend was a super busy weekend for me. These 2 days were crazy. All in all, these 2 days I've been busy fending the crowd more than anything else. The pool of people everywhere was crazy! Everyone's everywhere. Prolly like me, doing the last minute christmas shopping. Besides that, everyone wants to have events on this particular weekend before christmas. Exceptionally alot. This is one of the many I did.

1. One of my dispenser's daughter's wedding which I have to go since I've already skipped a few before this. It's in KT of course.
2. One of the elite team members came to town. So sorry dat I can't make it to meet up with the gang. Haha. Because I had promised my sis to have girl-on-girl bonding time shopping trip to s'pore.
3. Went shopping in s'pore (a quick one) and I tell you, the crowd in Orchard Road was totally crazy! Seriously chose the wrong weekend to go weh. But this was the only weekend I was available and also my sis lah. But still, the crowd there is still a nightmare to me now.
4. A friend called to ask if I'm interested to go PC fair. But too bad I'm in spore lar!
5. After shopping, met up with a friend in spore and we went for dinner together. Haha. Too bad for him when we ordered our dinner ade, the stall is already closed when he wanted to place his order. Haha. What lar.
6. We headed back to JB together. Went to our friend's house. Played with his dog Chelsea who is so cute. :D Wanna go his house again to visit the dog. Haha.
7. It's past midnight now and mummy is obviously nagging already. Our friend fetched us back home and it's nearly 1am ade. Argh.
8. Need to bathe fast and get to bed. Cos the next day still got church service but luckilly it's at 9am the next morning! :D

1. Church service as usual in the morning.
2. Practice for christmas event after service.
3. To attend a friend's grandma wake. (Funeral service) Since my parents and his parents are in the same CG group. Didnt quite make it cos I was busy with practice.
4. To attend another former hospital's dispenser's wedding. Feli called me but I guess I can't split myself into more than 1 piece since I'm busy practising. So in the end I didnt make it for the event, again.
5. After practice, Joez suggested that we teman him to PC fair to get his stuffs. Ok lor. Since I also wanna go PC fair one. So we went. Walao, the crowd is also amazing lar. I tell you, I hate crowds!
6. After battling the crowd, we headed to the ground floor where there were motor show sia. Went in to see all the chun cars. And also see got leng lui or not. I'm the most leng lar. No need to say. Heheheheehehehe. But the cars displayed there were all very nice! I want... Haha. Mini Cooper with open top. Nice. :D And also porsche.
7. Headed back home. Joez fetched us back home. He came into the house, got some shows off me. And also to show off his new HDD. Hohohoho.
8. Wanted to go out after we reached home with my sis to grab some bites. Looks like we're too lazy to go. And besides, my dad's car is blocking my car from going out of the house. Haha. Lazy lar.
9. Nap and then dinner. And here I am now.

Gah. Need to go get some shut eye ade now. Tomorrow baobei's not working. Uhuhuhuhuhu. I'll be working alone and driving alone for the next 2 days. So sad. And I seriously also need to make time to go to the gym! Cos I wont be around this whole week from eve til next mon. I need a rest! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. I want more holidays.

Tatty Teddy posted at 21.12.08 | 0 comments


Friday, December 19, 2008
Some rants before christmas.

Christmas is just around the corner. The shops in the mall, the restaurants we went, the radio stations that we turned on, they are all playing christmas carols and also wearing santa costumes. But do they really know the real meaning of christmas? Or are they just using this event as a gimmick for their business. (well, obviously.) I think the world has evolved too much that it lost the true meaning of christmas. Anyways, christmas is my favourite event of the year. Just as friday is my favourite time of the week. :D

There have been some stuffs bugging me. But I've been brushing it aside since I dont like to bother myself with problems. However, I guess this problem inside of me isnt going to go away and it just continues to gnaw its way to me. Can a person have a change of heart that fast? Probably, it wasnt even there, which explains how it went away so fast. Haha. So I'm pretty sure now my decision made at that time was correct. It didnt take one second more to have that change.

Talking about changes, things change all the time. Sometimes I love changes and sometimes I hate it. But most of the time, I dont like it. Change is going to come its way soon! And according to my intuition, it's not going to be a good one. So, hopefully everything just settle in nicely.

Oh gosh, I should really start shopping for christmas ade. It's like so late already and I havent got anything for anyone yet. Talk about last minute here. Hehe. Looks like I dont have much time to shop since I'll be working up til christmas eve. Argh. I must really squeeze in some time for shopping this weekend.

Hahaha. My current song now playing is Elvis Presley's 'Can't help falling in love with you' but a duet re-sung by Andrea Bocelli & Katherine McPhee. Falling in love? Can someone tell me what love actually is? I think I'm starting to deviate from the true meaning of love.

Lastly before I end, I must say it's so easy to fall back to my old ways again if I'm not careful. Falling back to old comfortable ways...

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Tuesday, December 09, 2008
Some updates.

Well, it's been a while since I've done an update. :D It was a busy week, yet again for me. Although I work 8-5 everyday from mondays to fridays, I still have to go gym on alternate days. Which means, the night is even shorter for me to enjoy and bum around before I actually get to work the next day. Hahaha. Hmm. As you know, yesterday was a public holiday. I nearly had to go to work, but ahh, never mind. I didnt have to go in the end. Wahahaha. I've never got a chance to have a long weekend off. It's either I'll be working on sat and sun but monday is a public holiday (for example) or I got the weekend off but not the public holiday. I wonder am I always being bullied or I'm coincidentally ill-fated all the time. I seriously begin to wonder. Oh, whatever.

Anyways, on sunday night, I went to DAF in the evening and after that I had a nice time fellowshipping with the DAF guys at Danga Bay. I haven't had so much fun for quite a while now. I was practically screaming, waving, beating, pinching.. you name it I was doing it! Hahahaha. We rented some double bicycle thing for an hour and it was so fun. Hahahaha. I can still laugh when I think about it now. I've also watched the movie Transporter 3 and Frank in that movie is to die for! Hahaha. He's so handsome, suave, manly.. blablablablabla. You name it, he's that guy for you! He makes a girl feel safe whenever he's around. Wahahaha. Okay, I'm getting a lil' too carried away now. Alright, back to the topic. Then on monday itself, DGC had to move from Daya to Molek. All of us chipped in to help move the things. Not to worry! We're not moving to Molek for good. We're just moving temporarily to Molek so that our present church building can be renovated and expanded. Yeap, our church is growing and we definitely need more space! :D After the moving session, it was about 1pm. We had lunch, talked over kopitiam.. and I found out something. I didnt know the coffeeshop now actually have wifi?! I mean we were so shocked to see a tag stuck on the wall telling people that this coffeeshop does actually have wifi. Well, I'm not talking about those old town kopitiam that kind. It's seriously the typical kopitiam with prawn mee stall, chicken rice stall, wantan mee stall.. to have wifi? Hahaha. Talk about living a world without internet man. :D After lunch, we played sports in the empty Daya building. We played floor ball. I was the top scorer okay! Wahahahaha. But the guys were seriously very rough. Tsk tsk tsk. Cannot be more gentler ka. So I have to be more ganas to fit in, you see. Hahaha. All in all, we had a nice time playing til around 4pm. By the time I reached home was nearly 5pm and mummy said we have to go visit granma and granpa. I barely even sat on the chair for a good whole 15 minutes, mummy said we have to go already. Alright, as long as I'm not the one driving. Hahahaha. Reached grannie's place, granny not at home pulak. So watched tv while we waited there. We left grannie's place around 7pm. Had dinner outside.. papa drive drive drive... reached home around 8.15pm.. and dang.. gotta wash my hair somemore before my nyonya show which is at 9pm. Rushed around, finally in time for my show to start. Then later at 10pm got forensic heroes somemore. My dad got me addicted to the show! But finally able to pull my butt out of the sofa before dat show ended at 11pm to get to bed and ready for work the next day. Ohh gosh. My legs are still aching after that ganas session of floor ball I had.

Alrighty, it's nearly time for my nyonya show liao! Gotta go now. Update another time! Ciaoz.

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