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Hie. My name is lil' Tatty. I'm a very little bear. Dat is why I'm called the lil' Tatty.

Sometimes I like to complain and talk about stuffs which I felt dat particular day.

But most of the time, I am a happy bear and I like to stay happy! Hehehe..

Thanks to my master, I am able to come to Scotland and see the world a lil'. This is to open my small eyes and small mind. =)

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Wednesday, August 29, 2007
Random thoughts..

I've learnt to drive the past one week. Hahaha. I actually got a licanse long time ago, but I didnt dare to drive. Zooming cars, lorries and irritating motorcyclist just scare the hell outta me last time. But not anymore. Hohohoho. Ahahaha. Hana hana, I took a refresher's course to drive again. So, I can officially drive now and finally plucked up the courage to drive all over JB under my instructor's nose. Man, the taxi drivers and lorries are the big bullies on the road. Hahaha. And the amount of cars on the road are..... uncountable. I hate jams. My legs will get numb after a jam-filled ride. And you've gotta look out for irritating motorcyclist popping out of nowhere. Anyways, I really hope to drive safely and not cause anyone's life. Brrrrrrrr.

Oh yeah, working life's gonna start soon. Prolly I'll get emo all over again. My emotions now are mixed. Worried, scared and excited. Ironic isn't it? Scared that I might be questioned by the pharmacists and I dont know how to answer them. Worried how the whole thing might turn out to be.. and excited, cause I'm gonna start working. Muahahaha. Get sucked into the working world and this means dat.. I'm OLD. Dang! Dat's wad everyone has been teasing me about these days. Yayayayaya.. I'm OLD ade, satisfied? Hehehehe. At least I'm earning now. Show me the money! Muahahahaha.

Nothing much these days. Has been busy running around getting those documents ready. It's such a hassle, cos they dont tell you wad they want. They will only inform you to keep getting those certified salinans out of nowhere and you would have to get them ready all over again. Why dont they just tell us how many copies they need one shot? I guess dat's just how things work here. Like it or not, you would have to LOVE IT. So, try to LOVE it with all your heart okay, people? Muahahaahha.


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Tuesday, August 28, 2007
Shopping spree!

Hehehe. I'm back once again. Sorry for not updatin' due to pure laziness. Ya know, the connection here sucks to the max. Even though I'm online almost 24/7, the connection here is used for MSN chatting, mostly. Dat's the only fast moving thing online. Hahaha. And another 'in' thing now is, playing fluff(animals) in facebook. Hehehe. It's pretty addictive if you ask me. Hahaha. Betting and feeding your cute lil' pet just feels like you're in control and havin' fun. Okay, I'm kinda off topic here now.

Anyways, malau was here with me for a week, and we went to.. as usual, boring old S'pore. Hahaha. Damn, just missed the great s'pore sale. I'm not back yet dat time anyways. But I love shopping in Orchard. Hahaha. The things there are... so nice. LOL. Okay lah, KL still rocks nonetheless if you ask me. Muahaha. Well, we went to visit our good ol fren, Wanxia. Love her to bits man. She treated us makan at Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao Restaurant to taste the xiao long bao. Hahaha. It really rocks man. And she even treated us desserts there. How nice of her. Feel abit paiseh, she provided roof over our heads during our stay there.. and she still treat us makan. Muahahaha. In return, we treated her the famous Crystal Jade durian puff lah. Ahahaha. Sorry guys, no photos of the xiao long bao. We reliased we didnt take any photos of it.. haha. Too excited to pop the xiao long baos into our mouths. Delicious neh! Any takers who wanna go with me again to eat the xiao long baos? Muahahaha.

Alright, I did quite alot of shopping there. Gawd, I cant even belive myself for spending too much. Hehe. I love Wisma Atria. I never fail to visit this shopping mall whenever I'm in Orchard. Got cheap stuffs there leh. apparently still got sale when we got there at G2000. All trousers at SGD19 and skirts at SGD23! And it fitted me perfectly. Hahahaha. And it's working material too! Hahahah. Only in G2000 Wisma Atria. No wonder it's my second home. Muahahahaha. I bought a skirt and a working pants there. And I bought a cute top jacket from Forever 21. Love it also. muaahhaaha. And then hopping next to Charles and Keith, they have 30% sale on certain heels and shoes. I bought a pair of heels and it's heavenly. Only for special occasion. Muahahahahah. Super high heels. Made me like a giant lah. Too tall, not nice lah. After all, I had been on flats for the past one year. Damn. Pretty hard to adjust back to heels again. LOL. To think I used to run in heels. :D

Next stop, Vivo City.. located at the heart of Harbour Front. It's linked to Harbour front city mall. Vivo city is the new shopping mall.. which is something like 1 Utama. But slightly smaller I guess. I bought a nice handbag there! Muahaahahaha.. Love it also. If tak love it, how la I will buy kan? Haha.. And Wanxia told us there's this doughnuts store there very famous one. So, as usual, we love to try new stuffs. Malau and me headed to the store and hunt for the doughnuts. And we bought 6 doughnuts. We gorged ourselves with 3 doughnuts each in 15 minutes. OMG. Talk about fullness. Anyways, we concluded dat krispy kreme was nicer than that doughnut store. But it's still nice after all.. Soft, fluffy and... not too sweet. Just right for the sweet-toothed people. Later, we realised there's another doughnuts store at the LG of Raffles City which is more famous than the previous store we went. There was a super long queue going on for mebbe 5-6 stores. Hahaha. We got lazy and didnt want to queue. We thought we could go grab something else to eat first and then come back to wait for the queue to die down. But alas, when we went back to the doughnuts store again, the doughnuts were all GONE. The workers there were preparing to close the shutters. OH MAN. Prolly next time. Hehehe. Dat's vivo city and Raffles city for you.

This trip was like a retail therapy thing. Shop and eat, shop and eat. Hahahahaha. Where else we went ah? Walk til wanna patah kaki also. Hahahaha. Whole of Orchard enough to walk ade. Oh yeah, we went to gorge ourselves again on the last day before leaving Spore. We went for sushi buffet at Cineplex Leisure. The sushi was.. okay. But according to Wanxia, it tasted nicer than Sushi King.. which is true lah. Hahaha. We ordered all the tempura stuffs and gorged ourselves with all the sushis. The buffet also includes free flowing juice. Hohohohohoho. After my cirit birit, it's time to binge leh. Wahahaha.

Malau stayed over in my house for another few days. We went Tebrau City to watch movies, eat and continue to shop. OMG. I just cant stop shopping. Mebbe next time cant shop anymore liao kua. Muahahahaa. I think I've watched all the movies in cinema ade gua. Sigh. Mebbe next time I'll go watch movies alone. No one in JB to pui me go watch movies. How sad is this. Sigh. Hahaha. So, better enjoy kao kao now first. Hehe.

And now for the pictures..

In Suntec City

Wanxia and Me!

Wanxia and Malau.

One side of Suntec

As for the doughnuts..

Box of the doughnuts

The doughnuts we had. 2 doughnuts in our stomach ade.

Chocolatey yummy. Hehe.

Trying to feed the camera. -_-'''

She prefers wisma atria too.

Dat's me..

The famous Orchard alley.

Raffles Place. Dont get mixed up with Raffles City.

Another side of Raffles Place.

And it's time for... SUSHI.

Sushis on the conveyer belt. Hehehe. Eat all you can.



Italian style scallops. I dont know wad it's doing here. LOL.

Octopus tempura... my fav.

Prawn tempura

Happy malau..

Happy me..

Soft shell crab tempura. Sorry guys, we were too excited.. we took this pic when we finished almost everything..

My fav also.. the special lobster salmon sushi. Yummy!

Baby octopus. Malau's fav!

Malau and her happy face. Beh tahan..

Some famous hong kong char siew bun. They call is bo lok bao.. Actually I also dunno how to pronounce it. Haha..

Back yo Tebrau City.. We went to feast in Secret Recipe.. We ordered our set meals. Consisted of soup, main course and a drink. Add another rm 2.50 to have a brownie of your choice!

Malau's share..

My share..

My set..

Looking contented with her share..

Our brownie.. American brownie.. actually my personal fav. Cos got alot of choco. Hahahaha. Too bad no ice cream.

After this.. I was so full, I could hardly walk. Man.. cos before dat I got snack also. Hahaha. Gain weight to the max now. Muahahaha.

Okay, dat's all for now. Just for updates, I got Johor for my posting. Hopefully I'll get JB for the hospital, or else I can die weh. Hahahaha. So do pray for me okay? i'm nearly there.. but not there yet. Hahaha. All the best to the others who has yet to get their postings.

Tatty Teddy posted at 28.8.07 | 0 comments


Monday, August 13, 2007
All is well.

Hello there. It's been quite some time now since I've last updated. For those who are still blur, yours truly, after coming back about a couple of days later from the UK have had food poisoning. Hahaha. Yeap. And this food poisoning is so formidable dat it lasted more than a week! Imagine I've got it like on saturday.. and til today I'm still recovering. Today's 'shit' (to be crude, hahaha), if you dont mind, was recovering from the 'watery stage'. Lol. Oh well, you must be wondering wad I ate. I dont know either. It should be my sis' cooking. Yah. Ramlee burger stall wannabe. She apparently cooked a sausage covered with an egg and after I ate it.. this is wad I've become. Hahahaha. Must be............. Nyehheheheheheh..

Anyways, I'll be going up to KL this weekend again. To settle some stuffs and also to attend another set of convocation. Hahaha. So many convo session eh? Hehe.

I'm whiling away my time now... nothing better to do. Better rot now.. or else, I want to rot next time also no chance ade. Hahahahaha. And I've watched Rush Hour 3 and The Simpsons. I love the shows! Damn funny. I havent got a good laugh since a long time ago. Hehehe. So, recommended neh.

Tatty Teddy posted at 13.8.07 | 0 comments


Friday, August 03, 2007

I wonder why can't we stay static in a timeline so dat we can stay dat way forever? Why is time constantly moving? Something is bothering me.. okay.. mebbe alot of things right now. Ya know, as much as I wanna be independent...sometimes my parents just couldn't let go. I dont like changes. I dont like changes at all. But I love chnages for the better. But how would you know it's for the better if you don't change in the first place? Geddit? Sigh. Ohh man. I hate this. I wanna be static. I wanna be soaked in dat timeline forever. I dont wanna move on. I hate this.

Anyways, I'm officially back home! Hehe. Just got back a couple of days ago.. excited a few days ago.. but not now when so many things are bothering me right now. Gosh. Dat's why I thought, staying as kids are the best. You dont have to worry about anything. And just play along. Sigh, how nice..

Tatty Teddy posted at 3.8.07 | 0 comments



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