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Hie. My name is lil' Tatty. I'm a very little bear. Dat is why I'm called the lil' Tatty.

Sometimes I like to complain and talk about stuffs which I felt dat particular day.

But most of the time, I am a happy bear and I like to stay happy! Hehehe..

Thanks to my master, I am able to come to Scotland and see the world a lil'. This is to open my small eyes and small mind. =)

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Sunday, November 30, 2008
It's been a week.

Yeap. It's been a week since I've blogged. Umm, probably more than that. I've been rather busy with work, gym, hang outs, church, gatherings.. ya know. I've got nothing much to shout about here. Just that I've been busy filling my life with activities just to distract myself from the real problems I'm facing. Okay, maybe now I've been staring too long at the particular problem and it doesnt look like a problem to me anymore. Hahaha. But it's still a problem okay. Whatever.

Anyhoo, tomorrow's monday again and I seriously HATE monday. I get the monday blues the night before and I dont like that feeling at all. Sometimes, my friends said I need a break. I need to take a day off my mind from work. They were like 'how come you dont seem to take leave one ah.. always work work work.' Dat's what an uncle in church ask me today. Hahaha. I can't seem to answer him. He went on saying, ' you keeping your leave to take a longer holiday next time is it'. Hahahaha. I just grinned at him and nodded. I dont know what to say! It was so awkward. :D

Ohh yeah, today I got a riddle by sms by an anonymous number. Not really anonymous, just that this number appeared as an unknown sender cos I dont have this number in my contact list. I wonder who it is... Please tell me the answer if you get to know the answer to this riddle. :D
Here goes...

X is a 5 letter word. X is a talent in you. If you remove the first letter, X is dead. If you remove the first 2 letters, X is sick. What is X? Reply me if you are a genius.

Omigosh. Whoever sent that?! If you have the answer, tell me kays! :D

Alrighty, time to sleep now. Tomorrow's still gotta work. :( I hate mondays!

Tatty Teddy posted at 30.11.08 | 1 comments


Saturday, November 15, 2008
Fatso, busted.

Oh gawd, I've been getting rather emo these days. Hahhaa. It's good to be emo once in a while but not every time. I need to snap out of it! Hmm, finally I've gotten myself to gym to work out those fats. Hahhaa. The class that I've attended today was pretty interesting. Ya know, the thai kick boxing thing. Really mind blowing. Lols. It's fun and exhilarating! But it's reaaaally tiring. Felt like fainting after the session. :D I'm on my way to a fat-free world. Hohohoho.

I've been cathing Gossip Girl season 2 these days. The stories are addictive to watch especially episodes 2 to 5 I think. Heh, you'll have to watch it for yourself to find out. But I still think season 1 is nicer? Hahhaa. Probably I'm still soak up in the past. Sigh. Look how I digress. *rolls eyes* Anyways, can't wait till all the other episodes are out! :D

Today I had dinner outside with my family. It's family time. Havent sat with them for quite a while now. We had pizzas at a nearby pizza parlour. Coming from a traditional family which my dad only loves chinese food, it's pretty surprising to have pizza as our dinner. Hehe. Obviously, there's a catch to it. Because my dad and bro had won some vouchers to go pizza hut to have our pizzas. Heh. Yay. Had the favourite stuffed crust. Dat's because I'm a cheese lover. :D

Alrighty, I guess that's some wrap up for today. I shall write again soon. I'm offz to watch a movie. It's movie time, babeh! Ciaoz.

Tatty Teddy posted at 15.11.08 | 0 comments


Friday, November 14, 2008
Roller Coaster Ride.

This week has been a total roller coaster ride for me. Both physical and emotional. The week started off as usual, boring and routined. Hahaha, now you must think I'm contradicting myself since I just said this week was a roller coaster ride. Oh well, yeah, I am. But as the days go by, things have started to change, for the worse. It got worse until the end of this week. All I wanted to do was to cry. I know I'm such a cry baby. But I can't help it! Tears just rolled down my eyes whenever I think about it and things weren't going as it's supposed to be. Awkwardness fills the air and I wish things would go back to the way it used to be. Occasionally, I wonder if this is a little far-fetched? I really do hope that things could go back the way it used to be. I'm not a specialist in relationships but I do make an effort to make every relationship work out because I love and care for those who are dear to me. But if there's an emotional blockage, it will be causing both parties to be retractive of their actions. I have given some shots, but I'm seriously afraid of being hurt and snubbed. (which I already had at first. sigh.) I can't take rejections very well, you see. Hmm. Somehow, I started crying again.

Anyways, I guess things got better towards the end. And hence, I rest my case. Always know that I'll love you, for who you are. Isn't that how friendship should be?

Tatty Teddy posted at 14.11.08 | 0 comments


Wednesday, November 05, 2008
Goodbyes are hard.

I was never good at goodbyes. I'm a sucker when people get upset. I will be at loss if you cried or get angry. But on top of dat, I'm just not good with goodbyes. Goodbyes are hard for me to handle. Some things of the past I cannot manage to say goodbye to. But I had to. And right now, it's still stuck with me. Sometimes I feel the pain, the agony and the memories flash through my mind. Will I ever be able to move on after making such a grave mistake? After all, it had quite a grip on my life before and for quite some time also. Ahhh, whatever.

Anyhoo, today was an okay day. Work was normal, nothing spectacular. Got home, watched loads of tv. Literally I was watching ever since I came home. Umm, 5.30pm to 10pm? Hahahahaha. Tv is so nice to watch. Lols. Oh yeah, Obama won the presidential seat today. Haha. Not like I'm interested or anything. Just that it's very hyped up. Everyone is talking about it. Hmm, I wonder why. Hahaha. I heard he has some Indon blood in him from his ancestors. Really ah? And also heard that he's from a muslim background. Is that true? Oh well, the americans have decided. Not that I care. Hahahaha. But he's after all going to influence the world's economy and also our pockets. Lols.

I seriously must hit the gym by end of this week. I'm turning into some fat ass until I dont even recognise myself. Hahaha. Okay lah, maybe that's a lil' far-fetched. But I'm seriously getting fatter and fatter. Ass also getting bigger. I'm turning into the person we don't like. Hahaha. Neh, the ass getting bigger and bigger one. Lols. Heh heh, gymy-gym, Here I come! :D

Tatty Teddy posted at 5.11.08 | 0 comments



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