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Hie. My name is lil' Tatty. I'm a very little bear. Dat is why I'm called the lil' Tatty.

Sometimes I like to complain and talk about stuffs which I felt dat particular day.

But most of the time, I am a happy bear and I like to stay happy! Hehehe..

Thanks to my master, I am able to come to Scotland and see the world a lil'. This is to open my small eyes and small mind. =)

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Monday, July 23, 2007

This post is soooo random......... So, I'll not answer any questions.. or allowing any comments. LOL.

Choke... like something's in your throat.

Suffocating... like someone is pressing your nose with a pillow.

Insensitive... like a faulty sensor.

Weak Bonding... like Van der Waals' bonds.

How nice if life can be lived like a fairy-tale. A bed of roses. But I guess not. It has to have thorns. LOL. Dat's why roses have thorns. Geez.

And they say.. 'Life is like a box of chocolates'


Chocolates are sweet stuffs wad. Prolly dark chocolates they are talking about.. like a bitter sweet experience. D-U-H. Haha..

Okay.. this is so random. You dont get it.. it's totally understandable. So dont get it then. Hehe.

Tatty Teddy posted at 23.7.07 |


Tuesday, July 17, 2007
Madrid and Lisbon.

As you know, Madrid was like super hot. Hahaha. Prolly I've been staying in the UK for quite long now I found Madrid and Lisbon hot. The temperature was somehow like Malaysia's. Heh. Anyways, malau and me couldnt really take the heat and we were always grumpy and overheated. Here are some pics to show how Madrid looks like:


Retiro Park

Torres Kio

Modern Art Gallery

Museo Del Prado

After Madrid, we continued to Lisbon.. In Lisbon, the sun was up strongly and the wind was just....indescribable. Just check out malau's hair.. ahahahahahaha..

So in order.. LOL..

Praca de Commercio

This cathedral looked like Notre Dame in Paris

Lisbon City from top with San Francisco-like bridge

Belem Castle

Vasco da Gama Monument

Belem City

One of the many traditional portugese food - Acorda de Camarao a Balcao
It's like mash potato.. mebbe like fish paste. I dont know how to describe it.. but.. it tasted familiar.

Alrighty, I guess dat's all for now.. I seriously lazy to upload more pics lah.. if you are interested, just check out my yahoo site. :D Hehehe.. Tata for now..

Tatty Teddy posted at 17.7.07 | 0 comments


Sunday, July 15, 2007
Of Madrid First.

As you hungry peeps are awaiting for the videos.. here's one of the cultural festivals dat we went to.. none other than bullfighting itself in the heart of Madrid.

Warning: The videos posted may contain violence and cruelty. Please watch it at your own risk.

Alrighty, without further mumblings.. let's get to the point. We reached the ring at about 20 minutes before the thing starts. The first video presents the opening procession.. with bull fighters, horses and bull-provokers. Haha..

After the opening procession, a fresh, energetic bull runs into the ring. After which, a bullfighter on a blind-folded horse will be released into the ring. And this is wad happened..
Note: Please ignore my ramblings during the video shoot. Hehehehe..

They will then continue to provoke and tease the bull. I must say.. the bull is very pitiful. LOL. Everytime kena provoke by them.. and the bull stupidly accepts their teasings.

Next, the cruelty continues.. With the bull fighter piercing a long sword into the bull. Yucks. And the spanish spectators will hail 'Ole, Ole, Ole' Hahaha.. anyone knows wad that means?

It will then end with a procession like this below. The bull will be defeated in the end where the horses will be out to drag the dead bull. This is the time where the bull fighter will have his glory.. waving to the spectators who were watching.. and the spectators will raise their white flags as a sign of the defeated bull. The white flags can be a tissue or some cloth.. as long as it is white in colour.

And a cycle of bullfighting is completed.. I wonder how many bulls were killed that night. Cos malau and me were there only half way of the show.. we left the show early cos it was kinda boring. We've watched like 5 completed cycles.. and it still have not ended, and it was running kinda late already. So we opted to go back before it actually ends. So, I'm not shure if they have a closing ceremony. Hehe. Anyways, the video below is a special edition video. It's called the bulls' dance. LOL. I made it up myself.. anyways, just watch it.. it's out from the normal 'procedure'.

Alrighty, I think dat's all for now. I might be posting up some photos of the trip. Just pop back in when you're free.. Mebbe I'm not dat hardworking to post it up so soon. LOL. Just wait okie? Tata for now..

Tatty Teddy posted at 15.7.07 | 0 comments


Saturday, July 14, 2007
I'm back from a break..

Hello peeps once again. Sorry for the absence. Hehehe. I'll be updating soon on my last trip. If you guys are interested.. just pop back in again. Cos I've not uploaded the pics into the computer yet. Well, Madrid and Lisbon has been very very hot. I think it's even hotter than Italy? It's about 30-32 degrees. Gosh, I'm not shure. I just know it's superbly warm especially from 2pm onwards. Try walking in this heat for 5-6 hours.. you'll definitely cry for shelter or some place cooler. But anyways, I'll let you guys see the pics soon okie?

Ohh well, I've been thinking.. that sometimes.. I feel alone in this world. I mean, besides my family and my bestie.. who will always be there for me.. I dont think I have anyone else I can rely on... to count on for favours once in a while. It's not that I fancy favours.. it's just that when in times of need. Haha.. urm, prolly some stuffs happened and triggered this thought. It's like when in times of need, no one seems to be there for you.. even a lil' kind gesture will go a long long way.. Like sometimes your friends.. you wont know if they are true friends until something happens. Okay, mebbe not. I'm kinda like going off topic here. Anyways, lucky enough, someone who is really kind, offered us some hospitality which came to our rescue. Someone was there after all. Hahaha. Geez, wad am I talking about? But it's true isnt it? I'll rather be surrounded by 3-4 very good pals that I can rely on.. rather than having 100 friends who are just carrying the label 'friends'. Okay, I'm emo-ing here again. But then again, if you're my friend.. you can always rely on me.. cos I'm reliable. LOL. Yeah, you can count on me. Perhaps dat's wad my nature is..

Tatty Teddy posted at 14.7.07 | 0 comments


Friday, July 06, 2007

In another month or two.. I'll be sucked into the working world soon., which is another phase of life. No more studying for me. Boohoo. Not dat I wanna continue my studies further. Hahhaa. Thanks, but no thanks. But being working, ya know.. it's forever for now. Until you're old. You get wad I mean. Slog for life.. unless you strike lottery at some point of your life.. or your dad opens the Hilton hotel or something. I mean, when you're working.. means you're old ade. LOL. Well, at least dat's how I view it. If you're still a student.. you can still make a couple of mistakes.. and people will guide you to the correct way.. but when you're working, things I guess will be somehow different. It seems to me that you're on your own kind of thing meaning, alone. Sigh. I dont know wad I'm talking about ade. Hahahaa.

I'm still confused on where to work. One side of me wants KL KL KL KL.. argh.. but another side of me calls for JB JB JB JB. Man, this is vexing. Mind boggling. If I work in KL, I wont get rich-er fast.. as you know.. the living cost is high and bla bla bla.. all the money you earned goes to paying off bills and this and dat.. But in JB.. I'll get richer faster. Muahahaha. Cos I'll be able to stay and eat at home.. and more pocket money...Tough decision. Well, I guess I'll just leave it for God to decide for me. Like as if I'll get the choice I want. LOL. Dont ever let me be sent to Kelantan or terengganu. LOL. I'll die there.. I think. Haha.

Ohh well, I guess I wont be blogging for a while again.. I'll be off for a week or so. I'll be back soon I hope. With all the terrorist attacks here and there.. One can never be shure of safety. We can only hope for the best. :D So, see ya guys soon!

Tatty Teddy posted at 6.7.07 | 0 comments


Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Malaysia is not a very safe country anymore. Especially coming from the heart of Johor Bahru.. I seriously have fears of going home. After all, I'm being sheltered here in Glasgow for more than a year now.. surrounded by excellent police and CCTVs everywhere in the city.. you hardly feel unsafe. Now after hearing the awful news almost everyday.. I just feel scared going to my home country... or rather.. city. -_-'''

Every now and then.. I hear robbery just outside my house street, my neighbourhood and also everywhere in the city.. and it seems like no one is doing anything about it. Not even the police. My mum told me that they have recently sent down more police to the city of JB... but, I think the people have their doubts on whether the police is doing their job. The robbers are pretty daring nowadays.. carrying parang or wadever sharp objects aiming towards you.. sitting on a motorcycle. I was also told that no one dared to go out at night.. as you might just be the next victim. You will be asking.. wad is the police force doing? Well, I wanna ask the same question too! Can anyone tell me wad on earth is the police in JB doing? It's getting so out of hand that even driving your car out of your house compound can induce fear.. cos anyone can come charging behind you with a parang and exthort money from you.. or rather.. if you're a woman/girl/lady.. you know wad's on their dirty minds.

Looks like when I head back.. I need to learn how to stay alert all the time.. after taking a break for a year now.. Hahaha. I used to be suspicious of everything.. now it's the time to get back the alertness again. Hehehe. Looks like JB isnt lovely anymore. Sigh.......

Tatty Teddy posted at 4.7.07 | 0 comments


Monday, July 02, 2007
A Farewell Party held by the International Students Fellowship.

Yesterday I had a wonderful time in my cg. I had loads of delicious food prepared mainly by mama pat and also the rest.. I had a nice time and took some photos. Here are some photos for you guys to savour. Hehehe. I will definitely miss this bunch of people very much. Before we parted, they gave us a bag of souvenirs each.. representing Scotland's culture. :D I'm very touched. Plus, they had our graduation photo framed up in a photo frame for us. How sweet. And we got to choose a souvenir each from South Africa. How nice. :)

Alright, back to the photos I was saying..

The food.. mostly african food, mixed with different other culture food. Got thai curry too! Yummy. :D

More caption of the food.

Zinto, Me and Xiaovin

Mama Pat, Austyn and Jamie!

Dat's mama pat and us with Francis and Theresa.

Austyn and me.. I seriously dont know wad he's up to. LOL.

Jamie and Me

Maureen and Me

LaiYee and Me

Alright, I guess that's all for now. Lazy wanna upload more pics lah. Can someone tell me how to upload in an easier mode? Grrrr. LOL. But all in all, I had fun and we all had a good time. :) Thanks guys for making this for us. Really appreciate it alot. :D

Tatty Teddy posted at 2.7.07 | 0 comments



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