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Name: Tatty
Age: 2 Years Old

About me:

Hie. My name is lil' Tatty. I'm a very little bear. Dat is why I'm called the lil' Tatty.

Sometimes I like to complain and talk about stuffs which I felt dat particular day.

But most of the time, I am a happy bear and I like to stay happy! Hehehe..

Thanks to my master, I am able to come to Scotland and see the world a lil'. This is to open my small eyes and small mind. =)

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Tuesday, November 29, 2005
Despicable act!

Okay.. I don't believe my ears and my eyes on whut I heard and saw on the national televsion news and the current uproar news about a policewoman asking a chinese girl to strip and do ear squats.. and to top it all off.. there was a person filming the whole incident and it could be a POLICEMAN.. how despicable this act can be? I mean.. come on.. even if you detain a person and a punishment must be laid upon the person during a lock up session.. but still.. you shouldn't ask a woman to strip! Dat's a very shameful act indeed! I'm so ashamed of the police force because they could come up with such an act. Okay.. so even if the punishment is to strip and everything.. they shouldnt have video-ed the whole incident and spread it around! Imagine if this have not come into light..and the police circulate this video among themselves.. Where would this dignity and respect for the girl be.. or anyone for dat matter? This is soooo a violation of women rights. Ugh. I'm totally disgusted when I heard about this news. So the press was claiming dat the whole police force is busy fending off bad press remarks and pointing fingers at the press for making such an uproar over the incident instead of finding out who the real police culprits are that have caused this and video taped the whole thing! Alright.. I admit maybe the police force as a whole is doing a pretty good job in making sure the country is safe.. and they were claiming dat in every society, there bound to have a few rotten apples and black sheep.. Ohh for goodness sake.. I agree with dat.. just get your jobs done by removing those rotten apples from the force!! Don't just try to pretend nothing has happened.. just take for example the 'kopi- money' syndrome when the police issue an offence ticket.. While issueing the ticket.. they would initiate on whether you would like to give them the 'kopi-money'.. How annoying.. just give me the ticket and buzz off.. dont bug me for some 'side-money'.. There are sooo many of such things happening.. it's happening so much dat no one could actually control it. I hope something would be done to rectify this matter.. heh, about the video-ear-squats matter.. it's rather disturbing having to hear this matter coming up on national tv. How would people from other countries view us? Dat we act like animals in such uncivillised manner? I'm utterly ashamed as any other Malaysians would do. Anyway, the PM said he would definitely do something about this matter and it will not be rest until it is solved.. well, I hope he keeps his word. Just too bad that because of this.. our country's ties with China has been a little shaky. For more news, visit Star online, read the newspaper or watch the tv news.

Tatty Teddy posted at 29.11.05 | 1 comments


Tuesday, November 22, 2005
What is ur Inner Child?

Muahahahha.. I think it's been a while I've done such test.. Been reading blogs during an hour class break and saw this test about how ur inner child now is.. Hmm.. perhaps I totally agree with the phrase that say I refuse to grow up! Hahahha.. indeed.. I think I've got the tendency of refusing to grow up.. Growing up is painful... =( Anyway, this is the result of the test! If you have got the time.. you can check out on whut ur inner child is like. Heheheee..

Your Inner Child Is Naughty

Like a child, you tend to discount social rules.

It's just too much fun to break the rules!

You love trouble - and it seems that trouble loves you.

And no matter what, you refuse to grow up!

Tatty Teddy posted at 22.11.05 | 1 comments


Friday, November 18, 2005

Alrighty ppl!! This is the update dat all of you have been waiting for... Muahahah... Hmm... let's take off from the last blog. About my handphone.. Yay! Hehe.. I've got a new phone.. Woohoo! So..congratulate me.. =P Nothing's been really happening much.. I've also done my passport during the last week of my remainding holidays... met up with my old friend and had a good eat out.. Hehehe... and went shopping with friends.. went shopping with my mum and got a bluetooth dongle! =) Yeah.. the bluetooth thingy is really useful...Salute to technologies of the century! Holidays just passed by so quickly and before you know it.. it's gone. Right now, I'm back in good ol' KL to start my new sem.. which is my final sem in M'sia! Hehe.. after this sem (hopefully, i'll pull thru..) Me will be going off to Scotland... Nyeheheheh.. Mebbe I should start scouting around for the winter clothes.. since it's winter season now. =)

I'm not shure how sem 5 would turn out to be.. but I guess it's quite boring.. Hahaha.. Having 2 DD modules could just kill.. cos you need to sit thru those draggy lectures.. =P
Heh.. just caught the recent movie.. called Just Like Heaven.. Hehehe.. I think this movie is quite a catch! It's just really funny and the storyline is pretty okay too.. Nice ending to it.. where just like how everybody wants it to end.. Hmmm.. just wondering about a question over here.. if you're halfway watching a movie.. and you're feeling reaaaaaaaaaallly high tide.. and the show is really nice but it's not going to end soon, would you go to the washroom? Your answer would definitely be a yes, right? 'RIGHTEOUS!' Muahahahahhaha.... Tsk tsk... shame shame to the one who nearly wet her pants.. Heheheheheeeeeee...

Tatty Teddy posted at 18.11.05 | 1 comments


Saturday, November 05, 2005
Damn.. my phone!!!!

Okay, mebbe some of you all didn't know.. my phone dieded on me about a week ago! When I on it.. it refused to come on.. and it just laid there.. DEAD. Arrrrghhhh.. I'm just so pissed!! No phone?! I'm gonna die!!! I was sooooo sad too.. during the hols.. I just want my phone to work properly so dat I could contact my frens and meet up or something.. Geee... After a few days it still remained dead.. I was devastated.. I have to resort to using my dad's lousy-better-off-thrown-phone.... The phone is really spoilt even the manufacturer or the phone shop didnt want to repair it!!! The reception on the signals is good as dead.. I had to hold up right up the air to get reception....Arrrghhh.. how infuriating!!! Arghhhh... Everytime I tried to send an sms.. I'll get so very pissed.. I'm also very sad.. cos all my phone book is inside..... =( Not dat I don't wanna save in my Sim card.. but the sim card has not enough storage to store all my contacts info.......

To some of you who had difficulty contacting me.. Sigh.. Sorry, hehe.. I can't help it.. Maybe I replied msg a lil' slower than before.. Hopefully I'll get a new phone soon.. but maybe not.. as I'll be going to Scotland and mebbe get a new phone there too.. Yea.. so..mebbe I'll just bear with my old phone which is always dying.. and oh yea, did I tell you 3-4 days later.. the phone kinda revived when I on-ed it.. =P Wish me luck.............I've still got another sem to go here.. =D

Tatty Teddy posted at 5.11.05 | 2 comments



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