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Name: Tatty
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Hie. My name is lil' Tatty. I'm a very little bear. Dat is why I'm called the lil' Tatty.

Sometimes I like to complain and talk about stuffs which I felt dat particular day.

But most of the time, I am a happy bear and I like to stay happy! Hehehe..

Thanks to my master, I am able to come to Scotland and see the world a lil'. This is to open my small eyes and small mind. =)

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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Hehe.. guys.. I'm blogging this right now at my friend's place.. =) Onlining here lo.. so nice.. get to chat on MSN and blog all I want.. although I think I should be studying for the test next week? And Heck.. I've not even started on my presentation slides yet while everyone else are getting themselves busy over it.. Geez.. Hahahaha.. wadever laaaa.. =P

Well, since I'm here.. I might as well ceritakan the 1 Day excursion to the hospital.. Seremban hospital dat is.. Geez, I must really make this loud and clear.. dat place is real hot man.. and I mean real hot.. when you have to wear a shirt and a white coat with no aircon and many people inside the ward.. I tell you.. It's highly irritable.. Muahhahaha.. I can say it's a good exposure.. but.. many many things happened there along the way.. Unpleasant stuffs. Yea.. to be exact.. shit stuffs la. Don't wanna talk about it. Firstly, the place is damn hot.. secondly, I got scared the shit out of me..(by some patient la..) and thirdly, someone merajuk halfway in the ward where everyone was stumped for the moment.. fourthly, someone lost their personal belongings there in the place where the bags were placed... and lastly, it was raining heavily when we were leaving and thinking we could have a fun time eating in S'ban... Yest was a bad one and I was really tired man after doing and facing all the problems dat's there.. It was shurely not smooth sailing along the way.. Yea.. it was a bad day.. Shit happens sometimes.

Tatty Teddy posted at 22.2.06 | 1 comments


Thursday, February 16, 2006

Hahhahaha... Hullo people!! This blog needs some revival.. a revival plan.. Muahahhaha.. Seriously I've got no time to update this blog anymore...I've just finshed a truck of assignments and a hell week of tests and gues wad.. next week got hospital attachment.. Arrrggghh.. but it's not too bad now.. hahaha.. the last 2 weeks were a disaster.. Rushing of work and time.. Wad could be worse.. Anyway, now is the time to relax a little and take a breather.. I guess I've got no more time to update on the trip to S'pore.. nothing to elaborate also.. Been the usual stuffs.. walking around Orchard and as usual.. SHOPPING!! Muahhahaha.. My dad's gonna kill me for buying so much stuffs.. hahahaha.. SsssSSShhh.. =P Luckilly there's still Chinese Nu Year to get my financial state back to normal.. Hahaha.. but still.. hmm.. :\ I've got loads of things to buy wid my ang pow money.. muahhahaha.. speaking of Chinese Nu Year.. ever since Christmas I've been eating and eating.. binge and binge.. heck.. seriously I've got to do something about my eating habits.. Hahaha.. eating to fill the stomach is no longer enough.. I've got to eat eat and eat til I burst.. Ugh. :
Ohhh.. btw, I have not elaborated on the new Jusco near my house!! Woohoo!! Hahahha.. Now at LEAST there's a decent shopping centre near my house.. NEAT! It's just 5 mins drive away from my house.. I can also walk there if I want to.. =P So dat is how near it is.. The new Tebrau City's pretty cool. Got all the shops I always visit like Topshop, Dorothy Perkins, Esprit, U2, Guess, MNG etc etc. Ouuu ouu.. and plus there's a cinema there.. Muahahah.. TGV somemore.. so I don't have to go downtown anymore to meet my friends.. they have to COME UP.. Muahahha.. I'm just kiddin'.. Ohh ohh.. have I mentioned.. My sis' workin' in the Italinannies in the new Jusco and apparently I think she likes her job.. mebbe she even loves it! Whoa.. Good good.. she can work there.. hahahah.. and I went there to eat lunch one day with my sis and my fren.. got a 50% discount off the things we ate.. Pretty cool eh? But but.. I must tell you.. the food there is not as nice as TGIF's although they are like a baby from TGIF branching out.. errr.. I must say that the food there was pretty okay. Perhaps it's the new outlet problem.. the cooks are not so experienced? Hahaha.. I don't know.. I'm just guessing.. but seriously I wouldnt wanna spoil their name.. the food was really really okay nia.. mebbe my expectations were a lil' too high for dat? Hahahha.. I had some speciality stuff from there and an alcoholic drink.. the Long Island tea I drank there has no 50% discount.. cos all alcoholic drinks no discount.. so sad.. or else I would have ordered more! Muahahha.. Ohhh.. mebbe I've got to specially thank the person here who gave me flowers on valentine's day.. Hahaha.. thanks man.. I wasn't expecting it at all.. yea yea..my sis helped you.. or else you wouldn't have done it on your own.. Muahahaha.. aaarrrghhh.. and my sis had to tipped me off.. She is a little spy dat I'm unaware of.. Darn.. I should have guessed when she asked me for my address. Hahahha.. Anyway, it's the thought dat counts.. Thanks yeah? I really appreciate it.. =) It's true, it's true.. my room needs a little decoration of your artpiece.. yeah right. :\ Have to show some grattitude.. or else.. I'll be labelled as an ungrateful brute! Bah!

Ohhh.. yeah.. if you wanna check out the pictures and photos of the S'pore trip.. it's in Multiply.. Somehow.. I can't seem to use Yahoo Photos in my uni... stupid uni must have blocked it.. Arrrghh.. some peabrains out there la.. this type of thing also wanna block.. I wonder wad good does it do them.. they're just sadistic.. they enjoy watching us suffer..Not to be able to use this and dat program.. they just love blocking things out.. Arrgghh.. You know wad I found out?! One day, I went into the IT department to do some colour printing.. as usual my eyes were roaming to check out wad the staffs inside were doing.. Their stupid usual phrase when I ask them a question regarding matters is always 'I don't know...' Ohhh for heaven's sake.. if you don't know.. wad the hell you working here for? Go find out.. and then tell us.. don't expect us to go find out ourselves... This is totally absurd. Take this for an example.. I asked them how much is it for me to mail back my results back to JB.. they say they dunno.. at the Cashier's department.. I was like.. hullo??? I'm asking you and you don't know.. I wanna buy the mail order... am i like suppose to go find out myself the price? You're the cashier's office for goodness sake.. tell me the price!!! Then there was this paper stuck behind her on the pricing of the mail order according to the place you wanna send to..and I pointed it to her.. and she sheepishly said.. 'Ohh.. 'kat saner yer...' Baka.. I was hopping mad there already.. I can tell you.. they hire all the bums here to get free salary.. doing nothing.. ohh yeah.. back to the story about the stuff I saw when I was doing colour printing in the IT department.. HA-HA-HA.. I caught them chatting on the net! I was like rolling my eyes already man.. You ban us from chatting and you're chatting there urself happily? Life's too good for them.. we are paying blind money to hire all these bums.. besides chatting she was reading some forums la.. God knows wad forum is dat..hopefully it's doing some good to the IMU students.. Wad is happening to the WORLD? EAT MONEY it's all they know.. Hopping mad now.. -peaced out-

Tatty Teddy posted at 16.2.06 | 1 comments



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